Self Care Necklace

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This small heart pendant is a cute way to remind yourself, or a person receiving it as a gift, to take care of themself!  Self care is important anytime, but especially now while we are going through this health crisis as a country.

Purple Gold Stone (sometimes called "Venturine"):

With a long Italian tradition in glass handling, this type of work, sometimes known as glass porphyry, is a deep reddish to brownish-glossy opaque glass that in classical antiquity was used for residential luxury objects, mosaics, and various decorative purposes. Purpurin is somewhat harder than regular glass, but can be easily cut and polished. Its red color is permanently lost when fused. It is mixed with cobalt blue metallic inclusions to give it an explosive shine finish which is like the milky way.

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Material : Brass wire, adjustable cotton cord

Stone: Purple Gold Stone

Size : 1 inches long, .5 inches wide