About Us


My style is down to earth with natural shapes and materials incorporated into our creations. I love connecting with people through art and I'm proud to be a productive part of the arts community.

Value and process of the work  

I have taught myself to take ancient techniques and develop them into my own style. I like to use materials that people identify with and are familiar with such as metals, leather, cotton, and more.
Classic techniques don’t require many tools or much energy. This is important to me because it means my tiny workshop produces a low carbon footprint while still maintaining a high quality of work and the ability to thrive creatively.


Throughout more than 12 years of my career in the arts, I have nurtured sustainable sources for my materials. 95% of my materials come from small businesses, stone carvers, self-employed artisans, and re-purposed sources. I use simple tools and a minimal amount of energy with of the processes of my work.



"I have traveled all over the American continent, and coexisted with people from many different places. I have learned many things from many artisans. Making art has become a lifestyle for me, and it is how I make a living. I have grown and matured through learning about the creation of this art, and the creation of my own techniques and style. I make art everyday, designing, assembling, and studying. I am not a conformist – I am always making new, original, and irresistible items. In addition to jewelry, I study various arts on my own – music, carpentry, lapidary, as well as literature and history. As you can see, I surround myself in culture and art, and I’m eager to be involved in more."