Knot of Love Tiger Eye Bracelet

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This elegant bracelet is made with a technique of hammering 9.25 Sterling Silver. It is inspired by the story of two warriors united in a promise of love. Thus, the story of this piece is a representation of the Celtic knot of love. It represents Apollo, loyalty and trust in an unbreakable union, it is not only inspired by the love of a couple, but also the love of the family or the love of a solid friendship. 

Information from "El Gran Libro de la Gemoterapia":

Tiger Eye: Brings self-confidence, self-awareness, and even said to help circulate blood during cold times when we are prone to colds.

Silver increase imagination, highlights good mood, and accentuates sociability and personal magnetism. It is used for the first and fourth chakra. Fun fact: It has an affinity for Quartz as it is found in the same mines, for a long time quartz was sought to get Gold and Silver.

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Material : 9.25 Sterling Silver, Copper

Stone : Tiger Eye

Size/Length : 5.5 to 8, prices varies