Sing Loud and Clear Necklace

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A treble clef pendant for the music lover, on a simple silver chain. Otherwise known as a music note - this is a cute, lightweight pendant, great for any age. You can an adjustable black cord or a sterling silver chain, and you can choose the length that you prefer. Each design we create is unique, and we are proud to make a living from creating one of a kind jewelry out of natural and long lasting materials. 

Information from "El Gran Libro de la Gemoterapia":

Silver increase imagination, highlights good mood, and accentuates sociability and personal magnetism. It is used for the first and fourth chakra. Fun fact: It has an affinity for Quartz as it is found in the same mines, for a long time quartz was sought to get Gold and Silver.

We strive to complete orders as quickly as possible. Please allow 2-5 days for production and 1-4 days for delivery in the US. Each necklace is made to order, so please note that the shape will vary slightly in each piece as they are one of a kind.


Metal : Sterling Silver or Brass Pendant 

Size of pendant : 1 inch long, .25 inches wide