Owl Spirit Necklace

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Grey macramé owl adjustable necklace made with bronze beads for eyes and a maroon glass bead for a nose. It is sitting on a real wood twig - from a local Rosemary plant. This handmade necklace is made with a technique called macramé, or micromacramé. It is created by making a serious of detailed knots, completely by hand. We use quality Brazilian waxed polyester cord, which is extremely strong, and holds its color and shape very well. Each design we create is unique, and we are proud to make a living from creating one of a kind jewelry. 

Each necklace is made to order, so please note that the necklace will vary slightly in shape and size because each piece is one of a kind. The necklace is made to be as short as you like, and as long as 30 inches. If you prefer for the necklace to be a fixed length or not longer than a certain length, please specify and we can do this free of charge.

We strive to complete orders as quickly as possible. Please allow 2-7 days (weekday and weekend days) for production, 1-4 business days for local delivery or 7-10 business days for mail.

Owl Spirit Story from www.whatismyspiritanimal.com:

 "When owl wings in as your spirit animal, it's time to face the shadows. Owl as a totem animal belongs to those who find wisdom in silence. Invoke owl as your power animal when you need to see the truth."


Material : Top quality Waxed Polyester Cord from Brazil

Eyes : Bronze beads

Nose : Maroon glass bead

Size of owl : 2 inches long, 1 inch wide