Ancient Sap Amber Ring

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This handmade ring complements any formal outfit or can be worn as everyday jewelry. Our silver jewelry is completely handmade in our workshop in Redwood City, CA. Each piece is formed using classic silver techniques, simple tools, which minimally impact the environment. Each design we create is unique, and we are proud to make a living from creating unique jewelry out of natural and long lasting materials.

Information from "El Gran Libro de la Gemoterapia":

Amber has static electricity properties. It is organic petrified material of resin from Tertiary and Mesozoic conifers (trees with sap from millions of years ago), sometimes with organic remains inside such as insects. It is a gem the color of the first ray of the sun. It works with the Fourth and Fifth Chakra. It is a layered gem that stimulates self-esteem. 

You may customize your ring by choosing your size, which we will create in our silversmithing workshop. 

Please allow 2-7 days (weekday and weekend days) for production, 1-4 business days for local delivery or 7-10 business days for mail.


Metal : Sterling Silver, Mexican Amber

Size : Sizes 5 to 12 are available, cost varies