Malachite Earrings

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The flower design in the filigree technique is made of a single piece of solid hammered nickel silver wire.  This solidity gives it a lightness and firmness with an inlay of malachite to give it a motivating and flourishing color that comes from the green and black forming bands.

Information from "El Gran Libro de la Gemoterapia":

Malachite is composed of a hydrated copper carbonate.  The names derives from the Greek word “mauve” because of its green color.  It motivates the impetus and the fighting spirit and will bring out what is retained as the evolution of the soul or from the personality, especially for those who have no life of their own and live for and by others. It works with the third, fourth, fifth, and seventh chakras.  Curious fact: It was used “against poison” by the Arabs in the middle ages.

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Material : Sterling Silver

Stone : Malachite

Length : 1 inch long, .5 inches wide