Copper Spiral Bracelet

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The spiral in this bracelet symbolizes the notion that everything changes.  This is a recurring symbol that appears in many cultures around the world.

Each piece is formed using classic wire techniques and simple tools. Each design we create is unique, and we are proud to make a living from creating one of a kind jewelry out of natural and long lasting materials.

Information from "El Gran Libro de la Gemoterapia":

The word Copper derives from the Latin word "cuprum", the name given to the island of Cyprus, whose deposits were exploited by the Romans to obtain this metal. Its native element is metallic and its hardness is 3 to 4. It has purifying effects on the body, fortifies optimism and dynamism making those who wear it more pleasant to deal with. It is an excellent conductor of energy and it has properties that make it an antibacterial material. It’s origin is the United States. Fun fact: copper is a noble metal that jewelers use to mix and solidify silver and gold.

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Metal : Copper

Length: Please select the size you need (5 to 8.5 inch options).

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