Amber G Clef Necklace

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 This pendant is an artistic expression of the G Clef sign from music notation. 

Information from "El Gran Libro de la Gemoterapia":

The name Amber is from the Arabic language. Amber has static electricity properties. It is organic petrified material of resin from Tertiary and Mesozoic conifers (trees with sap from millions of years ago), sometimes with organic remains inside such as insects. It is a gem the color of the first ray of the sun. It works with the Fourth and Fifth Chakra. It is a layered gem that stimulates self-esteem. This amber comes from the Baltic Sea.

The metal silver increase imagination and is used in the first and fourth chakra.

It comes with a 20 inch leather cord. If you prefer a different length you can message and we will be happy to accommodate you.


Material : Sterling Silver, Baltic Amber

Pendant Size : 1.8 inches high, 1 inch wide